You don't necessarily have to make a photo book after vacation

Now that our country is becoming redder due to corona, you might think that there is nowhere to go on holiday anymore. So yes, why would you start making a photo book? However, it is now interesting to take a look back at how you spent your time when the world looked slightly different. You see it more and more on Facebook: people who have a photoshoot done in their doorway. The corona shoot, which has become increasingly normal due to the lockdown and social distancing. Although we are getting used to it more, there are many people who, for example, find it difficult that it is almost impossible to travel. However, it is not the case that all life is completely still. Make your own photo book How cool is it to make memories of your homemade home office, that birthday 1.5 meters away or the day you wore a mouth mask for the first time on the train? Many people may already be busy with the end of 2020: surely nothing has happened this year? For example, you can go to a bonus print to ge

Amazing News: 110 million Chinese use 5G

More than 110 million Chinese are now connecting to 5G networks, or so reports the China Academy for Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), a think tank that falls under the Ministry of Industry and IT. That makes China the largest buyer of 5G in the world. The numbers are striking given that it was only a year since the first 5G consumer plans hit the market and a little over a year since the first commercial 5G licenses were released. In June, the three Chinese state telecoms had approximately 1.6 billion mobile subscribers, suggesting that there are those who have more than one mobile device. Market penetration is therefore limited for the time being. 5G in China The rollout of 5G is a national ambition in China in which all parties work together; the government, network providers, manufacturers of telecom equipment and software developers. This has resulted in a lightning-fast expansion of the infrastructure. China already had more than 460,000 5G base stations in July.

Core Web Vitals update: You should know this!

User experience will play an increasingly important role within the online landscape. That is why Google is planning an update in 2021 to include "site vitality" as a ranking factor. Google will announce this six months in advance so that you can take steps in advance. advice, however, is not to wait any longer and get started right away, so that you can immediately improve the user experience. This update will affect every website. In addition, it is not only good for your SEO results, but you will also see it reflected in other KPIs. What are the core web vitals? With a very strong focus on user-friendliness by Google, it will come as no surprise that other "factors" are being added to improve the usability of websites. Google distinguishes between three measures: Pagespeed Interactivity Visual stability To help you on your way, Google has already updated the Lighthouse and PageSpeed ​​Insights tools so that you can see what your score is and what you nee

This way you can go to work relaxed after the holiday

Are you struggling to go back to work after the holidays? These are seven tips to do your job in a relaxed way: 1. Go to bed a little earlier prior to your first day at work On holiday you may have gone to bed a little later, but you may also have slept in and made long nights in this way. Hold on to that long night's sleep by going to bed a little earlier the night before you go to work. Then you wake up just as rested as on vacation: the basis for a fresh start at work. 2. Get caught up Before you get started with your own e-mail and tasks, it is nice to have a picture of what happened in the meantime after your vacation. This helps you set priorities and focus on what's important. So let your colleagues or your manager catch up with you before you start your day. 3. Don't make your to do list too long on your first working day Do not overload your first working day with meetings or deadlines. If you do, you will soon feel overwhelmed and feel like you are directly behind

Google comes with Google Workspace

Google has changed its G Suite. It is now called Google Workspace. Gmail, Chat and Docs are merged with this. This is accompanied by new logos, which, unlike Microsoft Office, look a bit more childlike than business. Google Workspace Google's G Suite (formerly: Google Apps for Work) is no more, it is now Google Workspace. This contains well-known Google products such as Gmail, Docs, Meet and Sheets in one. In addition, Google has made some small tweaks so that the different products are more integrated. For example, in a Chat conversation you can immediately open a new document in which everyone can work in a new tab. There will also be more preview options, so that you can lift a little bit of the veil of other documents in which you are working. Google is also continuing to use smart chips. Those are those little "cards" that appear when you @ tag someone. The end of Office It's not that we think Google is targeting Microsoft: it's quite explicit about that itse

Microsoft: Visual Studio Codespaces open

Developers, quickly switch to GitHub Codespaces, because Microsoft is discontinuing Visual Studio Codespaces. That is the message the IT giant is propagating. However, that is easier said than done: you cannot transfer existing projects from one service to another. Visual Studios Codespaces Visual Studios Codespaces is a cloud-based development tool that allows developers to create a full development studio for themselves in a very short amount of time. Visual Studios Codespaces was previously known as Visual Studio Online but has now ceased to exist. However, there is no reason for stress, because Microsoft has an alternative. The only question is how easy the transition will be. It is merged with GitHub's variant. In fact, according to Microsoft, it is the reason it ceases to exist: it looks too much like GitHub. According to Allison Buchholtz-Au, Visual Studio Online's program manager, this created confusion among users. GitHub Codespaces Using only GitHub Codespaces makes i

Veenendaal Municipality embraces AI chatbot

Due to a continuous stream of questions from citizens and local entrepreneurs, the Municipality of Veenendaal is taking a forward-looking step with the use of an AI chatbot. Inge Lucas (Veenendaal municipality) talks about her experiences with the use of a chatbot within the organization. She discusses the implementation process and the results of the digital assistant within the municipality. Chatbot Bo has been available for website visitors to the municipality of Veenendaal since the end of June. The mission to improve customer contact has started together with Watermelon. Inge Lucas: "Major challenges within the Customer Contact Center (KCC) were the increasing flow of telephony and unwanted channel switches. Our goal was to reduce telephone calls by answering questions online. We succeeded with chatbot Bo! Thanks to the chatbot, the municipality's KCC has been further relieved and digitized. " Less telephony, more online Every day the KCC has to process approximately