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You don't necessarily have to make a photo book after vacation

Now that our country is becoming redder due to corona, you might think that there is nowhere to go on holiday anymore. So yes, why would you start making a photo book? However, it is now interesting to take a look back at how you spent your time when the world looked slightly different. You see it more and more on Facebook: people who have a photoshoot done in their doorway. The corona shoot, which has become increasingly normal due to the lockdown and social distancing. Although we are getting used to it more, there are many people who, for example, find it difficult that it is almost impossible to travel. However, it is not the case that all life is completely still. Make your own photo book How cool is it to make memories of your homemade home office, that birthday 1.5 meters away or the day you wore a mouth mask for the first time on the train? Many people may already be busy with the end of 2020: surely nothing has happened this year? For example, you can go to a bonus print to ge

Amazing News: 110 million Chinese use 5G

More than 110 million Chinese are now connecting to 5G networks, or so reports the China Academy for Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), a think tank that falls under the Ministry of Industry and IT. That makes China the largest buyer of 5G in the world. The numbers are striking given that it was only a year since the first 5G consumer plans hit the market and a little over a year since the first commercial 5G licenses were released. In June, the three Chinese state telecoms had approximately 1.6 billion mobile subscribers, suggesting that there are those who have more than one mobile device. Market penetration is therefore limited for the time being. 5G in China The rollout of 5G is a national ambition in China in which all parties work together; the government, network providers, manufacturers of telecom equipment and software developers. This has resulted in a lightning-fast expansion of the infrastructure. China already had more than 460,000 5G base stations in July.

Core Web Vitals update: You should know this!

User experience will play an increasingly important role within the online landscape. That is why Google is planning an update in 2021 to include "site vitality" as a ranking factor. Google will announce this six months in advance so that you can take steps in advance. advice, however, is not to wait any longer and get started right away, so that you can immediately improve the user experience. This update will affect every website. In addition, it is not only good for your SEO results, but you will also see it reflected in other KPIs. What are the core web vitals? With a very strong focus on user-friendliness by Google, it will come as no surprise that other "factors" are being added to improve the usability of websites. Google distinguishes between three measures: Pagespeed Interactivity Visual stability To help you on your way, Google has already updated the Lighthouse and PageSpeed ​​Insights tools so that you can see what your score is and what you nee

This way you can go to work relaxed after the holiday

Are you struggling to go back to work after the holidays? These are seven tips to do your job in a relaxed way: 1. Go to bed a little earlier prior to your first day at work On holiday you may have gone to bed a little later, but you may also have slept in and made long nights in this way. Hold on to that long night's sleep by going to bed a little earlier the night before you go to work. Then you wake up just as rested as on vacation: the basis for a fresh start at work. 2. Get caught up Before you get started with your own e-mail and tasks, it is nice to have a picture of what happened in the meantime after your vacation. This helps you set priorities and focus on what's important. So let your colleagues or your manager catch up with you before you start your day. 3. Don't make your to do list too long on your first working day Do not overload your first working day with meetings or deadlines. If you do, you will soon feel overwhelmed and feel like you are directly behind

Google comes with Google Workspace

Google has changed its G Suite. It is now called Google Workspace. Gmail, Chat and Docs are merged with this. This is accompanied by new logos, which, unlike Microsoft Office, look a bit more childlike than business. Google Workspace Google's G Suite (formerly: Google Apps for Work) is no more, it is now Google Workspace. This contains well-known Google products such as Gmail, Docs, Meet and Sheets in one. In addition, Google has made some small tweaks so that the different products are more integrated. For example, in a Chat conversation you can immediately open a new document in which everyone can work in a new tab. There will also be more preview options, so that you can lift a little bit of the veil of other documents in which you are working. Google is also continuing to use smart chips. Those are those little "cards" that appear when you @ tag someone. The end of Office It's not that we think Google is targeting Microsoft: it's quite explicit about that itse

Microsoft: Visual Studio Codespaces open

Developers, quickly switch to GitHub Codespaces, because Microsoft is discontinuing Visual Studio Codespaces. That is the message the IT giant is propagating. However, that is easier said than done: you cannot transfer existing projects from one service to another. Visual Studios Codespaces Visual Studios Codespaces is a cloud-based development tool that allows developers to create a full development studio for themselves in a very short amount of time. Visual Studios Codespaces was previously known as Visual Studio Online but has now ceased to exist. However, there is no reason for stress, because Microsoft has an alternative. The only question is how easy the transition will be. It is merged with GitHub's variant. In fact, according to Microsoft, it is the reason it ceases to exist: it looks too much like GitHub. According to Allison Buchholtz-Au, Visual Studio Online's program manager, this created confusion among users. GitHub Codespaces Using only GitHub Codespaces makes i

Veenendaal Municipality embraces AI chatbot

Due to a continuous stream of questions from citizens and local entrepreneurs, the Municipality of Veenendaal is taking a forward-looking step with the use of an AI chatbot. Inge Lucas (Veenendaal municipality) talks about her experiences with the use of a chatbot within the organization. She discusses the implementation process and the results of the digital assistant within the municipality. Chatbot Bo has been available for website visitors to the municipality of Veenendaal since the end of June. The mission to improve customer contact has started together with Watermelon. Inge Lucas: "Major challenges within the Customer Contact Center (KCC) were the increasing flow of telephony and unwanted channel switches. Our goal was to reduce telephone calls by answering questions online. We succeeded with chatbot Bo! Thanks to the chatbot, the municipality's KCC has been further relieved and digitized. " Less telephony, more online Every day the KCC has to process approximately

Google comes with new "context" links

You probably know it: you log in to social media and you see that all opinions are thrown on the table about a certain topic. You have no idea what preceded this discussion, but it is talked about so much it must be something big. However, you have to google yourself for what that big news can be. Google has found something in similar situations: context links. Context on Google News If you look in Google News, you will see news items in all kinds of blocks. You see the date, the introduction text and the medium. Very handy, but there is something else too. At the bottom of a Google News story, you can see the result in terms of the context of the message. If you click on this, a larger story will open in that topic. For example, if you search for "stimulus package" in America, you will see an article from Forbes that reads "For context", and then a general article about what the stimulus package entails. Instead of just having the news story saying it's going l

This is the new Microsoft Surface Laptop Go

How do you prevent a service desk from spending a lot of time answering the same questions over and over again? Rabobank designed chatbot Billy to handle recurring questions about invoices. This digital source of information uses SAP Conversational AI (CAI), SAP's chatbot platform for automating customer contact. Rabobank is keen to automate repetitive actions. Automation ensures that, for example, daily checks are carried out more efficiently and faster, and also continue at night. Because repetitive actions are eliminated, employee satisfaction increases in many cases. The financial services provider eliminates manual actions, among other things with the help of robotic process automation (RPA). For example, a robot checks daily whether the money for, for example, a mortgage or insurance has entered an account, checks whether the description states where the money should be sent and, if necessary, makes the transfer. Chatbot Billy “In the daily operation, we have to deal with a l

Little confidence in the use of robots in physical stores

consumers are very sceptical about the use of robots in physical stores. A majority (62%) does not even want to be helped by it, according to a recent survey by ShoppingTomorrow. "Consumers expect a personal experience, but they want to be confronted with technology as little as possible," said Inge Demoed, program manager at ShoppingTomorrow. Every year, ShoppingTomorrow conducts a survey among consumers about their (online) shopping experiences, expectations and preferences. This year, the investigation took place in July, so still during a period when the effects of this outbreak were noticeable, but after the largest peak in March and April. Robots in stores The survey shows that only 8% of consumers have ever had contact with a robot in a store. 62% say they are not open to the help of a robot, and half of the respondents do not believe they can be helped better by robots. Most consumers expect these to be best used for cleaning the store, filling the shelves and providi

The success of the National AI course will be continued

This week, the National AI Course celebrates reaching 1% of the Dutch population. Part of the festivities includes a digital graduation ceremony from "Sound and Vision" in Hilversum. All 170,000 students have been invited to digitally - but together - celebrate that the Netherlands has become a lot wiser in the field of digital skills. Initiator Jim Stolze was surprised by the success: "When we decided in 2018 to reach 1% of the population, I could not have dreamed that it would be that far within 2 years. The support of Queen Máxima, vlogger Enzo, among others. Knol, the twelve professors and the top of the business community have really accelerated. We also saw that certainly at the beginning of the Corona crisis, many people were looking for useful content from home. we are all set to receive those thousands of new students on our platform and in the apps. " Something to celebrate Due to the Corona measures, the original graduation ceremony fell into the water, b

Google comes with BERT: search results are considerably more relevant

Google is about to make a major algorithm change that could affect 10 per cent of all search results. It is a case of "hate it or love it" because there is a good chance that the top 10 search results will be turned upside down. SEO is a big thing, but for anyone unfamiliar with it, it will be a pain. However, those who rely heavily on Google's search results will not be reassured when the search engine decides to adjust its algorithm again. Because be honest: your operating result will only depend on Google. There, a difference in a high or low position in the ranking for relevant keywords can make an unprecedented difference. Google indicates that the change 'only' applies to 10 per cent of the search results. But what if your company falls within that percentage? Then it can certainly have a major impact. The adjustments to the algorithm are based on words that previously did not determine the search result. BERT and the use of Artificial Intelligence The new a

Free download Microsoft Office 2010 available

The successor to the popular Microsoft Office 2007, Office 2010 beta has been available for free download by members of MDSN or Technet for several days. You can download the 32 bit version here and the 64 bit version here. For Microsoft, the launch of Office 2010 is extremely important in the increasing competition with Google Apps. The innovative thing about this version of Office can hardly be the functionality which, after version over version, has now been reasonably developed for the average user. With Office 2010, Microsoft is leaving the regular form of software installed on your PC or Mac and is switching completely to Cloud Computing. Whether it is the final slogan (makes the consumer feel "good") for the campaign, we do not know, but it is gradually known as No-Control-Alt-Delete, and in Microsoft's eyes that is more than just a wink. - Office 2010: the Movie - No Return, No Undo, No Ctrl Alt Delete

2020 is still good for something: solar panels

You probably noticed that the last few days, the second and third weeks of August, were considerably warmer than usual. Where, according to the KNMI, the long-term average for August is around 13 ° C and 23 ° C, we are now dealing with minimums of 22 ° C and maximums of 36 ° C. However, these extra warm and sunny days are an advantage for owners of solar panels: this year, according to Essent, they have already achieved 20% more yields. Compared to the same period last year, the period from January to July, this year the yield has increased by more than 20%. Owners of solar panels have a nice boost this (spring) year in the form of extra savings on their annual energy bill. Corona crisis and more hours of sunshine The extra savings are mainly due to an extra sunny spring. The months of March, April and May have all done well in terms of sunshine hours. These months benefited from an average of nearly half the extra hours of sunshine. In April the number of hours of sunshine was nearly

With Kormo Jobs, Google helps starters in the Indian labor market

Google reports that it has expanded the Kormo Jobs vacancy app to India. With this, the search giant appears not only to lend a helping hand to millions of starters in the Indian labor market, but also to counterbalance LinkedIn (Microsoft). Kormo Jobs The company first launched Kormo Jobs in Bangladesh in 2018 and launched it in Indonesia last year. Last year, Google made Kormo Jobs available in India under the name Jobs as a Spot. Google says that companies like Zomato and Dunzo have now placed more than 2 million verified jobs on the platform. Google is also an investor in the Dunzo delivery service. Kormo Jobs is not only a digital vacancy bank, but also helps job seekers acquire new skills such as writing an effective resume. The introduction of Kormo Jobs illustrates a growing interest on the part of Google to monetize some work-related searches. The company already launched a search engine for US jobs in 2017. This product has since been brought to various markets. Earlier this

Battery innovations play a key role in the transition to clean energy

Improving electricity storage capacity plays a key role in the transition to clean energy technologies. Between 2005 and 2018, patent activity for batteries and other electricity storage technologies worldwide grew on average 14% per year. That's four times the average for all technology areas, according to the joint study published today by the European Patent Office (EPO) and the International Energy Agency (IEA). The report shows that batteries account for nearly 90% of all electricity storage patents. The growth in innovation is mainly in the advancement of rechargeable lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries used in consumer electronics and electric cars. Electric mobility in particular promotes the development of new Li-ion compounds aimed at improving power, durability, charging/discharging speed and recyclability. Technological progress is also fueled by the need to integrate larger amounts of renewable energy, such as wind and solar energy, into electricity grids. Japan and South K

Circuit Zandvoort will be all about electric driving on 2, 3 and 4 October

Circuit Zandvoort has a new car event richer. The first weekend of October 2020 will be dedicated to EVs (Electric Vehicles) during the first-ever EV Experience. It is a unique overview of the current range of electric vehicles, the possibility of making test drives on the circuit and workshops on all facets of electric driving. The Formula 1 circuit will open its garage doors to those interested on 2, 3 and 4 October. Curious about what you can experience there? EV No roaring motorbikes or petrol fumes but whizzing past EVs (Electric Vehicles), e-bikes, scooters, scooters and motorcycles. The pit boxes have been converted into pop-up stores for various car brands and suppliers. There you will receive all information about the latest models and products. But this experience is not just about looking, because you can take a seat behind the wheel to experience how these cars drive and what technology they have on board. Through various workshops in the VIP lounges of, among others, the E